Wedding Receptions

For something to happen
For something to be able to happen
For love to appear
One must dream
Rather be sorry than safe
Fall out of the frying pan into the fire
One must dream

Jonasz Kofta

If you have already found your dream love now you have to think about a dream wedding celebration! With our help, you will be able to make this wish come true!

In the Oławian Hotel, you will find the biggest and the most modern wedding hall in Oława; there are also, at our guests’ disposal, a hotel bar, hotel rooms, the “Peter Pan” patio, as well as a spacious and monitored car park. Our wedding hall can hold, depending on the arrangements of tables:

  • 240 people (tables arranged in an oval shape)
  • 300 people (tables arranged in a rectangular shape)

The hall has a specially designated dance floor and thanks to that dancing does not take place in the near the tables and guests who are savouring their dishes, however, they can still freely observe crazy dances and people having fun from their seats. The hall does not have any pillars and thanks to that it is very spacious and allows for full freedom of movement.

We do know that a wedding is a very important event in your lives and that is why we will prepare your wedding reception with utmost diligence and care to the smallest detail so that you will be able to properly celebrate this wonderful time. Our interior decorators will create an original décor according to your suggestions with colourful and ingenious compositions of flowers and fruits that will surely delight all the invited guests. On the tables, there will also be indispensable candles, providing romantic light, snow-white tablecloths and tasteful shiny tableware. The professional and modern lighting will create a unique and enchanting atmosphere, keeping all wedding guests’ spirits up and generating emotion and reflection when it comes to proposing toasts or amusement when it comes to entering the dancing floor!

At our guests’ disposal there is also our experienced chef, together with a team of well-qualified cooks and waiters. Our wide menu with a variety of wedding dishes will surely delight each and even the most fastidious palate. We prepare our meals only from fresh products of the highest quality. In a well-equipped bar our guests will surely find their favourite alcoholic drinks and will also be able to try many exotic cocktails and drinks.

At our guests’ request, we will also provide a talented cameraman and a photographer as well as a professional musical setting in which the party will last till dawn!

And when the party draws to a close, you will be able to go to the luxury suite, prepared especially for you. In this suite there is a living-room, a beautiful and romantic bedroom, a bathroom with a corner bath, a wardrobe and a safe in which you will be able to securely store your wedding presents – in short everything that the newlyweds may need!

We do assure you that you will recall your wedding reception organised in our hotel with fondness and happiness for many years.