The Oławian Hotel offers 52 lodgings in 28 rooms on three floors:

  • 5 single rooms – from 190 PLN,
  • 21 double rooms (including 4 with an additional bed) – from 210 PLN,
  • 1 double rooms De Lux,
  • 1 luxury suite – 320 PLN,
  • 1 room fully adjusted to the needs of the disabled,
  • most of the rooms are air-conditioned, each one with access to the wireless Internet (20mb/s), satellite TV, telephone, and a bathroom (a bath or a shower),
  • breakfasts (in the form of a buffet) and a monitored car park are included in the accommodation price,
  • in each room there is access to the wireless Internet, satellite TV, telephone,
  • all rooms are with full bathrooms
  • all rooms are air-conditioned.

On the premises of the Oławian Hotel there are single and double rooms and an exclusive suite for newlyweds, which amounts to 52 lodging places.

The rooms are situated on all three floors of the hotel – each of them is equipped with a separate bathroom, TV, free access to the wireless Internet Wi-Fi (20mb/s), as well as soundproofed doors, which ensures silence and peace and, at the same time, create an excellent atmosphere to relax. Our rooms include one room especially adjusted to the needs of the disabled.

The luxury suite for newlyweds has been designed in accordance with the world’s highest standards. It comprises a spacious living-room, a huge bedroom, a bathroom with a corner bath and an attached wardrobe, as well as a safe, in which the newlyweds will be able to store presents received on the occasion of their wedding, and a fully-equipped mini cocktail cabinet.

At our guests’ disposal there is also round-the-clock room-service with the staff that will take care of our guests’ comfort and convenience during the day and at night.